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    Breeding Tropical Fish!

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    Have you joined the multitudes who have recently contributed to the popularity of keeping tropical fish? It really has become popular as many homes now have at least a small aquarium among its furnishings. They may consist of a few goldfish in a small coldwater aquarium or they may consist of several colorful fish swimming about.

    Your aquarium is most likely one of three different types: coldwater, warm water (heated) or marine. If you are keeping tropical fish, you almost certainly have a heated aquarium. Remember, tropical fish come from the tropics where it's warm. The Amazon, Africa and the south of Asia are where most tropical fish originated.

    Most pet and fish stores have all in one packages that include everything you need to get started: aquarium, stand, lights, heater, filter and gravel and other decorative additions. If you're just starting out, this is a good way to go since you will save money over buying all the components individually.

    Be sure to ask the store personnel for advice on which fish are the hardiest and easiest fish to keep. These may include tetras, danios, barbs, Livebearers and Cordyoras. Also, don't add too many fish at a time as the aquarium needs time to mature and get "broken in". Adding too many at once will not allow the tank to develop the bacteria needed to break down the fish's waste.

    Finally, a good idea is to visit your library or go on the internet to learn about keeping fish successfully. There are hundreds of books and sites which can offer a wealth of tropical fish keeping information. A good tank, kept properly can give you and your family hours of enjoyment and relaxation.

    Here is what you will learn about in the "Breeding Tropical Fish" E-Book;

    * Breeding Aquarium Fish...

    * Fish Breeding Strategies...

    * Fish Breeds...

    * Fish Diseases...

    * Good And Bad Beginner Fish...

    * Identifying The Sex of Fish...

    So you’ve decided to keep tropical fish! Welcome to this unique and fascinating hobby. But before we get ahead of ourselves, we need to realize that aquariums can be a lot of work. You have to keep the water in your aquarium clean and aerated, the fish have to have enough food, if you use live plants they will need light and nutrients, and you have to keep the algae under control.

    It may take a lot of work sometimes, but this hobby is very rewarding as you’ll soon see.

    Here’s a list of the essentials that you need, no matter if you keep saltwater or freshwater fish:

    An aquarium – To keep you fish in.

    An aquarium stand – To support your new aquarium.

    Filtration equipment – Filters can be chemical, mechanical and biological.

    Lights – To help live plants grow, and to enhance the colors of your fish.

    A tank hood – To reduce evaporation, and stop anything (such as a cat’s paw) from getting in.

    Decorations – These can be anything you decide. There are a wide range of decorations available nowadays, so you can decorate your tank however you like. You’ll also want a background to hide the wires.

    Substrate – This is basically the sand or gravel you use for the bottom of your aquarium.

    Plants – There’s a wide range of plants you can choose for your aquarium nowadays, including live and plastic plants.

    Heater – Tropical fish require a water temperature that is slightly higher than most people’s room temperature.

    Chemicals – By chemicals, I mean chemical filtration, which gets rid of harmful gases that the water picks up as it passes through a carbon filter. It’s not always needed, but it is very easy to use and it’s better for your fish.

    Thermometer – the plastic strip one with liquid crystals are best.

    A net – For scooping things out of your aquarium.

    Cleaning supplies (such as a scrubby on a stick, a small round brush
    and a bucket reserved solely for aquarium use)

    Fish food – to feed your fish, obviously.

    And last, but not least… you’ll need the fish!

    So, go ahead and grab your free app on tropical fish now!

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