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    Same BSA On-the-Go application but the Move to SD Card feature is enabled.

    Boy Scouts of America (BSA) On-the-Go is reference and field guide for all of the Boy Scouts of America requirements, all 9000+ of them.

    BSA On-the-Go IS NOT AN OFFICIAL Boy Scouts of America application. (Although, we were just listed as one of the ultimate BSA applications for mobile applications in Scouting Magazine, thanks everyone ...) This application is developed by a Scouter for Scouters. This version with all the requirements is FREE.

    BSA On-the-Go IS NOT A REPLACEMENT for the BSA Handbook. Always keep and use your handbook and blue cards as a permanent record.

    From the maker of BSA Quick Guide, we have completely reconstructed the entire list of BSA requirements and made it better and easier to use ...

    Sorry to those who have been using BSA Quick Guide, to make this work, we had to totally redo the application. Do transfer of information is allowed.

    But, here is the newest version and look at what you get ...

    # All Requirements are not check able individually. There are over 9000 check able requirements through out the entire applciation.

    # We have updated all requirements ... see what we have added:

    + Cub Scouting:
    >> Tiger Cub
    >> Wolf
    * Plus Electives
    >> Bear
    * Plus Electives
    >> Webelos
    * Badge
    * Activity Badges (all 5 categories, 20 Badges in all)
    * Arrow of Light
    >> Belt Loops and Pins
    * Academics (25) and Sports (28)
    >> Advancement Trackers

    + Boy Scouting:
    >> Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class, Star, Life, Eagle and Eagle Palms.
    >> Merit Badges (All 126 of them ... over 4000 individual requirements)
    >> Advancement Trackers

    + Venturing
    >> Bronze Award
    >> Silver Award
    >> Gold Award
    >> Ranger
    >> Quest
    >> Trust
    >> Sea Scouts(Apprentice, Ordinary, Able and Quartermaster)

    + Varsity
    >> Letter
    >> Letter Bars
    >> Activity Pins
    >> Denali Award

    + Scouter Awards
    >> Patches (25 different patches and cards)
    >> Medals and Knots (5 categories, 40 different medals and knots)

    This is the most complete collection of BSA requirements on the Android.

    >> Reporting, export any one level of requirements to email, SMS, social media ...

    If you have any comments or questions, please email me at

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