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    Are you looking for ways to get financing to start your online business?

    This app has business tips for the new online entrepreneur on financing options, risk management and making a business plan so you can start up your dream business without spending a dime of your own money!

    Extras: Includes a fun puzzle game! Try and piece the picture back together. How fast can YOU finish it?!


    Finding and securing investment money for an Internet business can be tough. The entire process of building your business plan, coming up with potential investors and sealing the deal can get overwhelming.

    In order to get through the financing process relatively unscathed and with additional capital for your business, you must accept foremost that it will take time. According to Dave Lavinsky, President of, it can take between 500-1000 hours to prepare, seek out and secure financing for a business. Knowing this ahead of time can save you a lot of frustration, and allow you to budget your time accordingly.

    Financing is the process of raising funds or providing necessary capital whether from a SBA loan, a venture firm, or other sources. Financing is a necessity for most businesses. You will need capital to start and run your new business even if you have to do so on a shoestring budget initially. You need investment money to expand your business, serve more customers and offer more products.

    This app will help you in your venture into the world of gaining capital for your Internet business. You will learn where to look for investors and what to look for in investors. You will also be guided on how to write an effective business plan. Plus, there is a compilation of some useful resources for getting started.

    If you have a prepared plan to expand your business and before you begin a search for investors, then getting financing for your online business need not be difficult at all!