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    What if you knew how to be better prepared so you and those with you can just spend time having fun and relaxing.

    How many times have you arrived at the campground only to find you have forgotten some essential pieces of gear like your toothbrush, medication, a can opener, chairs, sunblock, insect spray, your pillow, a torch or worse the batteries.

    A checklist is an essential part of preparation for camping or any holiday. An extensive checklist is included is this camping guide.

    Camping can be as basic or as deluxe as you want to make it. The range of camping gear is incredible, included are descriptions of the main equipment required.

    Includes over 30 camping tips to help you be more prepared before your leave, traveling and when camping.

    Here is what you will learn about in the "Camping Guide" E-Book:

    * Introduction
    * Main equipment
    * Checklist
    * Before you begin
    * Setting up camp
    * Camping with kids
    * Camping tips
    * Photo album

    With some helpful hints your kids will love their camping adventures, there is no better place than out in the great outdoors with the fresh air and nature. the will come with a better understanding of nature and wildlife.

    A camping trip is definitely a great way to relax, to keep your mind off work and to escape from the chaotic reality of the city. Not only does it bring you closer to nature which can surely rejuvenate you and remove your stress, it is also an inexpensive way to have a vacation.

    However, if it’s your first time to go camping one thing you should know is that it entails proper planning of the things to do and the things to bring.

    Packing lightly and wisely is one of the most important aspects in camping that would contribute to the success of the trip. Remember, bringing the whole house just so you don’t forget anything won’t mean an enjoyable trip. In fact, this may even ruin the trip and be a cause for delay. It is therefore crucial that you are able to pack lightly without forgetting the most essential things you need to bring to camp.

    First tip in light packing is to bring only the most essential camping gears and personal supplies. Be thorough in making your selection. Ask yourself questions like, “do I really need a lotion in the middle of the woods?” or “would bringing a board game make the trip more enjoyable?” In making your decision, always remember that a camping trip is supposed to be a back to the nature trip.

    Second tip is to create a things-to-bring checklist. This would be indeed helpful because it allows you to have an overview of all the things you’re bringing to make sure you don’t miss the important ones and you don’t bring unimportant ones. Divide your checklist into camping gears (tents, grills, sleeping bags and so on), first aid kit (medicines, bandages, disinfectant), personal items (soap, sunblock, hair brush) and other essentials (food, water, car keys, cash, map, camera).

    Third tip is to look for camping gears that are made of lightweight materials and have more than one function. There are many light backpacking tents that are durable, and yet easy on the back.

    Fourth tip is to transfer meal ingredients, medications, lotion, shampoo and fuel into lightweight and small containers. Just bring the sufficient amount you need, adding a little extra for emergencies.

    Fifth tip is to improvise and be resourceful. Use stuff sacks, clothes or backpack as pillows. Pick a campsite with a guaranteed clean and safe drinking water supply so that you don’t have to carry loads of heavy water in your bag. Use plastic bags for a variety of purposes like storing meals, camping gears, clothing, and for cleaning up the campsite.

    So, go ahead and grab you free camping app now!

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