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    A nest falls from the eaves of a house to the ground. All the baby swallows die except for one, a female perhaps. It’s reared and called Celeste, like the colour of the sky where she’s destined to fly. Little by little the little swallow and the family who look after her form a special, loving relationship, with moments of great intensity and emotion.

    Bartolomeo Di Monaco was born in San Prisco (Caserta) January 14, 1942 and lives in Lucca from birth. He has directed the quarterly periodical "Stories and Poems" (1992 - 1999), whose entire collection can be found at the State Library of Lucca.
    He wrote "Lucca beautiful and mysterious - stories and legends"edited by Maria Pacini Fazzi. Some of them have been published in installments from The Nation in 2006. The same publisher has published a collection entitled "Let's read together the writers of Lucca", sponsored by the city of Lucca.
    By Marco Valerio Edizioni has published six volumes of essays on Italian and foreign literature.
    An essay on the writer of Alton Remo Teglia has been published on new topics, No 34, 2006.
    On its website, the magazine is on Let's talk about art, which together authors from all over Italy.

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