Charles Dickens's Collection

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    This Book contain collection of 60 Books

    1. Sketches by Boz [1836-40]
    2. The Pickwick Papers [1836-37]
    3. Oliver Twist [1837-39]
    4. Nicholas Nickleby [1838-39]
    5. The Old Curiosity Shop [1840-41]
    6. Barnaby Rudge [1841]
    7. Martin Chuzzlewit [1843]
    8. Dombey and Son [1846-48]
    9. David Copperfield [1849-50]
    10. Bleak House [1851-53]
    11. Hard Times [1854]
    12. Little Dorrit [1855-57]
    13. A Tale of Two Cities [1859]
    14. Great Expectations [1860-61]
    15. Our Mutual Friend [1864-65]
    16. The Mystery of Edwin Drood [1869-70, unfinished]
    17. A Christmas Carol [1843]
    18. The Chimes [1844]
    19. The Cricket on the Hearth [1845]
    20. The Battle of Life [1846]
    21. The Haunted Man and the Ghost's Bargain [1848]
    22. A Christmas Tree [1850]
    23. What Christmas is as we Grow Older [1851]
    24. The Poor Relation's Story [1852]
    25. The Child's Story [1852]
    26. The Schoolboy's Story [1853]
    27. Nobody's Story [18—]
    28. The Seven Poor Travellers [1854]
    29. The Holly-Tree [1855]
    30. Wreck of the Golden Mary [1856]
    31. The Perils of Certain English Prisoners [1857]
    32. Going into Society [1858]
    33. A Message From the Sea [1860]
    34. Tom Tiddler's Ground [1861]
    35. Somebody's Luggage [1862]
    36. Mrs. Lirriper's Lodgings [1863]
    37. Mrs. Lirriper's Legacy [1864]
    38. Doctor Marigold [1865]
    39. Mugby Junction [1866]
    40. No Thoroughfare (with Wilkie Collins) [1867]
    41. Master Humphrey's Clock [1840-1]
    42. The Lamplighter's Story [1841]
    43. A House to Let (with others) [1858]
    44. The Signal-Man
    45. The Haunted House [1859]
    46. The Trial For Murder
    47. To Be Read At Dusk [1852]
    48. Hunted Down [1860]
    49. A Holiday Romance [1868]
    50. George Silverman's Explanation [1868]
    51. American Notes [1842]
    52. Pictures From Italy [1846]
    53. The Lazy Tour of Two Idle Apprentices [1857]
    54. Sunday Under Three Heads [1836]
    55. Reprinted Pieces [1850-59]
    56. The Uncommercial Traveller [1860-9]
    57. A Child's History of England [1852-4]
    58. Contributions to: All The Year Round
    59. Miscellaneous Papers: essays from The Examiner
    60. Speeches: Literary & Social

    About the Author
    Charles Dickens, 1812-1870

    Novelist, born at Landport, near Portsmouth, where his father was a clerk in the Navy Pay–Office. The hardships and mortifications of his early life, his want of regular schooling, and his miserable time in the blacking factory, which form the basis of the early chapters of David Copperfield, are largely accounted for by the fact that his father was to a considerable extent the prototype of the immortal Mr. Micawber; but partly by his being a delicate and sensitive child, unusually susceptible to suffering both in body and mind. He had, however, much time for reading, and had access to the older novelists, Fielding, Smollett, and others. A kindly relation also took him frequently to the theatre, where he acquired his life-long interest in, and love of, the stage.

    After a few years’ residence in Chatham, the family removed to London, and soon thereafter his father became an inmate of the Marshalsea, in which by-and-by the whole family joined him, a passage in his life which furnishes the material for parts of Little Dorrit. This period of family obscuration happily lasted but a short time: the elder Dickens managed to satisfy his creditors, and soon after retired from his official duties on a pension. About the same time Dickens had two years of continuous schooling, and shortly afterwards he entered a law office. His leisure he devoted to reading and learning shorthand, in which he became very expert. He then acted as parliamentary reporter, first for The True Sun, and from 1835 for the Morning Chronicle. Meanwhile he had been contributing to the Monthly Magazine and the Evening Chronicle the papers which, in 1836, appeared in a collected form as Sketches by Boz; and he had also produced one or two comic burlettas.

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