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    The structure of Atom I
    + Matter. Atom, Molecule and Ion. Element and Compound
    + Element and Compound

    The structure of Atom II
    + Changes in the state of the matter. Characteristic of Matter in solid, liquid and gaseous state.
    + Melting. Freezing. Vaporization
    + Evaporation. Condensation. Sublimation. Melting point, freezing point and boiling point
    + Change in heat and kinetic energy of particles. The Graph of the Heating process
    + The Graph of the Heating process. The Graph of the Cooling process
    + The Graph of the Cooling process
    + Supercooling. Latent heat of fusion. Latent heat of vaporization

    The structure of Atom III
    + Atomic Structure. History: Democritus
    + Atomic Structure. History: John Dalton, J.J. Thomson
    + Atomic Structure. History: Ernest Rutherford. Rutherford Atom
    + Atomic Structure. History: Niels Bohr. James Chadwick. Modern Atomic Model
    + The subatomic particles of an atom. Proton number and nucleon number
    + Three examples

    The structure of Atom IV
    + Symbol of elements. Isotopes and their importance I: Isotope
    + Isotopes and their importance II: Medical
    + Isotopes and their importance III: Agricultural. Industrial. Food Preservation
    + Electron Configuration in Atom. Valence Electrons

    Chemical Formulae and Equations
    + Number of mole for solid, liquid, gas, solution and quantity of particle
    + Chemical formula: Cation (Positive Ion). Anion (Negative Ion). Formulae for Certain Molecule

    Periodic Table
    + Reaction of Group 1 Elements. Reaction of Group 17

    + Electrolyte: Ionisation of Electrolite, Ionisation of Molten Compound. Ionisation of Aqueous Solution

    Acid and Base
    + Ionisation of Acid: Hydrochloric Acid, Sulphuric Acid, Ethanoic Acid. Chemical Properties of Acid

    + Solubility of Salt. Preparation of Salt
    + Solubility of Salt. Preparation of insoluble Salt: Colour of Salt
    + Heating effect on Salt

    Identification of gases
    + Qualitative analysis: Identification of Anions
    + Qualitative analysis: Identification of Cations

    Manufactured Substances in Industry: SO2, SO3, H2S2O7, Sulphuric Acid
    + Contact Process (Making Sulphuric Acid)
    + Haber Process (Making Ammonia)

    Rate or Reaction
    + Calculation of rate of reaction. Find the rate from a graph
    Chemical Reactions
    + Diferent chemical Reactions

    Carbon Compound
    + Ostwald Process (Manufacture Nitric Acid). Carbon Compound: Alkane
    + Carbon Compound: Alkene I
    + Carbon Compound: Alkene II
    + Carbon Compound: Alcohol I
    + Carbon Compound: Alcohol II

    Summary of The Reaction
    + Graph summarizing reactions

    Oxidation and Reduction
    + Iron (II) to Iron (III)
    + Iron (III) to Iron (II)
    + Displacement of Metal. Displacement of Halogen
    + The Oxidising Agent and Reducing Agent. Rusting
    + Preparation of Oxygen Gas. Extraction of Iron from its Ore

    + Calculation. Chemical Reaction. Exothermic Reaction
    + Combustion of Fuel. Reaction of Acid. Endothermic Reactions


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