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    Chennai Tourism
    (1) India's One of the most favorite destination for tourism during vacations and holidays is Chennai (2) Chennai is a small peaceful green metropolitan city of India (3) People all over the world who are keen to see the beauty of India come Chennai (4) Forts and palaces of Chennai attract tourists (5) Chennai is a popular tourist place because of its historical places, cultural events and its natural beauty

    Chennai Transport
    (1) Transport System of Chennai includes road, sea and air transport, rail and suburban rail transport (2) Chennai has National and International Airports (Chennai International Airport) (3) Chennai has two ports Chennai Port and Ennore Port (4) Royapuram fishing harbor is used for fishing (5) Chennai is connected by Indian Railways to other parts of the nation (6) Suburban Railway is most popular mode of transport

    Chennai Sports
    (1) Most popular sport of Chennai is Cricket (2) Oldest cricket stadium of Chennai is The M. A. Chidambaram Stadium (3) Chennai is the home of Tamil Nadu cricket team (4) Tennis is most popular in Chennai after cricket (5) Chennai has a tennis stadium- SDAT Tennis Stadium (6) Chennai has a hockey stadium- Dr. Radhakrishnan Stadium (7) Football is also played in Chennai

    Chennai Geography and Climate
    (1) India's southeast coast is Chennai (2) Average elevation of the city is 6 meters (3) There are two main rivers in the city- the Cooum River and the Adyar River (4) Buckingham canal is there in the city (5) Various lakes are there in the city- Red Hills, Sholavaram and Chembarambakkam Lake

    Chennai Infrastructure
    (1) Chennai is a small metropolitan city (2) Govt. of Chennai is improving their Infrastructure day by day (3) IT industry is a growing industry in Chennai (4) Chennai is connected by roads, flyovers, railways and airports (5) Education in Chennai is very good. There are many good schools and colleges in Chennai

    Chennai Economy
    (1) Chennai has Stock Exchange (2) Many National and foreign banks, financial groups, big companies are established here (3) IT, export and outsourcing industries are also well established (4) Advertising and healthcare industries are there in the city (5) Automotive industry is well established

    Chennai Administration
    (1) Chennai is administered by the Corporation of Chennai (2) A mayor and a deputy mayor is the head of this Corporation (3) A ward is represented by a councilor (4) Civic functions of the city is taken care by the Corporation (5) The Chennai High Court also takes care of jurisdiction matters of Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry

    Chennai Demographics
    (1) People of Chennai are called Chennaite (2) Chennai is considered as one of the highest populated cities of the world (3) Average literacy rate is higher than the other cities of India (4) Big part of the population of Chennai lives in slums (5) People of Chennai are mainly Tamilians

    Chennai Culture
    (1) Chennai is known for its traditional art, music and dance (2) Pongal is one of the most popular festival of Chennai (3) Some other festivals celebrated in the city are Navratri, Saral-Vizha, Karthigai Deepam, Summer Festival, Dance Festival, Music Festival, Kavadi Festival, Tayagaraja Festival etc (4) Bharatanatyam is the famous dance form of chennai (5) Tamil movie industry is based in Chennai

    Chennai Media
    (1) Chennai has many newspaper publications of different languages like English, Tamil and Hindi etc (2) Rajasthan Patrika is one of the newspaper published in Hindi (3) Many Magazines are also published in Chennai (4) Chennai has Doordarshan channels (5) Some Tamil channels are also there- Sun TV, Raj TV, Zee Tamil,etc

    Chennai Education
    (1) Two types of schools are there in Chennai- government schools and private schools (2) Schools provide education in English and Tamil (3) Most private schools are based on CBSE board or the Tamil Nadu State Board (4) In 10th class, students can choose Arts, Commerce or Science for a general or a professional degree courses

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