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    Personal injury lawyers are ready when you need them, whether after a car accident or other personal accidents with Chicago Personal Injury. Have access to professional personal injury attorneys right on your phone.

    Insurance and hospital expenses can be hard to track after your personal accident. Let the personal injury lawyers at the Agruss Law Firm in Chicago, Illinois help you take care of your car accident settlements. Take photos and video of your personal accident all with the app! You can even take down insurance information, police notes or audio recordings to submit as evidence to your insurance company, or the Agruss Law Firm. Everything you need is here.

    Hospital expenses, evidence and other car accident information can all be tracked in Chicago Personal Injury. Accidents happen and you can be prepared with a personal lawyer in the palm of your hands.


    Car Accident Information Recorder – Emergency help whenever anything happens
    - Take photos or videos of the incident with the app
    - Car accident assistance tools like a flashlight
    - Call 911 right away, right from inside the app
    - Hospital locator uses your GPS location to give you directions to the closest hospital

    Personal Accident Data – Record everything you need after an accident
    - Car accident information can be recorded with Chicago Personal Injury!
    - Insurance, car and driver information for the other party involved
    - Police and witness information can all be logged
    - Your vehicle and personal information stored
    - Take photos or upload them into the records
    - Audio recordings and videos capabilities available
    - E-mail these records to yourself or the Agruss Law Firm

    Personal Injury Lawyer – Everything you need right on your phone
    - Personal injury lawyers who will take care of you during a stressful time
    - Insurance proof loaded into your phone makes it easier after an accident or when you’re pulled over
    - Car accident tip checklist to make sure you’re doing everything you can
    - Expense tracker for all of your hospital, injury or car costs
    - Attorneys instantly – get help any time you need it
    - Chicago, Illinois -based and ready to help wherever you are
    - Attorneys on the phone or through live chats, available in Spanish

    Any car accident information recorded on your phone can help you submit claims to insurance companies easier or build a case with Chicago Personal Injury lawyers to help you get the settlement you deserve. Agruss Law Firm is here for you 24/7, through our website, by phone, and through the app.

    In a matter of seconds, a car accident or personal injury can turn your life upside down. Get help when you need it with Chicago Personal Injury and the personal injury lawyers at Agruss Law Firm today!

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