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    There is a reason we perform every single Christmas tradition we know today. The Christmas Tree. Hanging Stockings. Christmas Cards. Carolling. Santa Claus. Gift Giving. Egg Nog. The Yule Log. They are performed every year to remind us of the reasons of why we celebrate the season.
    With this app, you’ll discover Christmas in America through it’s unique and colorful American Christmas traditions.

    These traditions, customs and legends are symbols of desirable qualities that embody the spirit of Christmas. They each hold a story behind them that tells about goodness, righteousness, integrity, honesty, morality and uprightness.

    These wonderful activities, songs and stories are actually inherited from cultures all over the world. Yes, American traditions are a rainbow of culture and it’s difficult to say which ones are uniquely American.

    Christmas in America is celebrated differently from family to family. The traditions that are followed and passed on from one generation to the next are totally dependent on the cultural heritage of family members.

    However, despite the variety of cultures and nationalities, there is an ideal Christmas tradition that seems to be accepted by many families and that is the habit of sharing the season together. Sharing food, laughter, good memories and gift-giving – these are central to the All-American Christmas celebration.

    This app will help you appreciate Christmas traditions as celebrated in America. We hope you will discover the true meaning in each one of them and in so doing your celebrations may be even more meaningful this year.

    Wherever and however you celebrate the season … may the spirit of Christmas be alive in your life. Have A Merry, Merry Christmas!