Christmas Tales

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    ** Number one in sales in the Books section of iTunes in Argentina, Mexico, Spain, Peru, Colombia, Chile and Costa Rica!
    *** New update with new colored scenes. Enjoy the new bilingual English / Spanish.

    "Little stories Christmas" is the new collection of beautiful stories adapted by Online Studio Productions for children, in the successful line of little stories Classics I and II, number one in sales in the books section in Argentina, Mexico, Spain, Peru, Colombia, Chile and Costa Rica.

    "Little stories Christmas" will allow you to re-read, see and hear 10 stories adapted from some of the most famous writers in the world, filled with the spirit of this traditional festival around the world, represented by Santa Claus, reindeer, Christmas dinner , Christmas tree and of course, the inevitable gifts for children ... and not so young.

    - The Christmas turkey (Anonymous)
    - Christmas Cook (Anonymous)
    - The Little Christmas Tree (Anonymous)
    - The boy who wanted it all (Anonymous)
    - The Christmas Story Hogol (Anonymous)
    - Nutcracker (Ernest Theodor Amadeus Hoffmann)
    - The Match Girl (Hans Christian Andersen)
    - Christmas in Space (by Ray Bradbury)
    - Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (the poem by Robert L. May)
    - The Selfish Giant (Oscar Wilde)
    - Christmas Eve Carpenter (Anonymous)
    - A Christmas Carol (Charles Dickens)

    This beautiful collection of children's stories is meant to stimulate the imagination of children and a smile on the face of adults. Read or listen to a story takes us to the wonderful world of fantasy where the "Once Upon a Time" is the magic word that allows us to infinity territory of the finest classic stories of children's literature. Enjoy a unique experience and share the joy of reading unforgettable stories in this fantastic place that holds many surprises and exciting new stories that will become your favorites.


    - 12 wonderful stories to see, read and hear. Just select the one you want to hear or read any of the comics selecting main menu.
    - Options to rewind, fast forward and jump to any page of the story you are reading.
    - If you want to stop the voice, you just have to press the "pause" and press it again to resume reading. You can also toggle the audio and text for all stories in the options menu.
    - You can choose the audio to play automatically. So you can leave the application next to your children without turning pages of stories.
    - Listen to the stories in your own version! Record your voice reading the stories any page, put your name and then you can choose to listen to the normal voice or your voice when you want.

    "Little stories Christmas"... to listen, read and watch.

    Enjoy and recommend to others this great application, essential to your favorite device!

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