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    Chronic fatigue syndrome, sometimes called CFS, is a condition that makes you feel so tired that you can't do all of your normal, daily activities. There are other symptoms too, but being very tired for at least 6 months is the main one.
    Many people improve in a year or two and do not have a relapse. Some people continue to have severe fatigue and other symptoms for many years.

    The disease is not well understood. Most experts now believe that it is a separate illness with its own set of symptoms. But some doctors do not believe this.
    There are no tests for CFS. Because of this, many people have trouble accepting their disease or getting their friends and family to do so. Having people who believe your diagnosis and support you is very important. Having a doctor you can trust is critical.

    This Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & Cause App is dedicated to those who are looking for the solution for that Syndrome either for yourself or for your love one. Not only chronic fatigue but this app also includes the guide to deal with other types of fatigue. Here are the full features of this incredibly FREE app.

    * Plenty of effective tips and popular news in this mobile app. Here are some topics will be covered
    1. What are fatigue, extreme fatigue and causes of fatigue?
    2. What are chronic fatigue (constant fatigue) syndromes
    3. Tips for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Treatment.
    4. What is adrenal fatigue and what are the adrenal fatigue symptoms and how to overcome it?
    5. What is muscle fatigue and treatment?
    6. Is it common to be exhausted when you're pregnant?
    7. Post-viral fatigue syndrome.
    8. Fatigue after Eating – Why Do I Feel Tired after a Meal.
    9. What is Compassion Fatigue?
    10. A Combination Of Headache Nausea Fatigue Can Be Overcome.

    * Lots of training video help you detect chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms and other types of fatigue and find out the best treatment for each one.
    * Recommended books to read more about how to relax, massage and stress relief to deal with fatigue
    * Recommended Yoga and Massage DVD together Natural Herbal Tea to easy the fatigue whenever you feel tired.
    * Simple games for you to play when you got depressed
    * Great BONUSES eBooks How to stop Anxiety Attacks!, How To Break Free From A Stressful Life, and Meditation - The Guide To Self-Enlightenment and some recommended other books to Deal with Stress, Fatigue and Depression as well.

    You get all of the above information, functionality and plenty of coming features without paying anything. Don’t miss it when it is still FREE. Click INSTALL to live a fatigue-free life!

    Be Happy and Stay Healthy, Team

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