Classic Tales II

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    **CLASSIC TALES II is the answer to the success of Classic Tales I. Thankyou for your preference!!! No. 1 sold Book section application in Argentina, México, Spain, Perú, Colombia, Chile and Costa Rica.
    ***You can choose the language.

    Classic Tales II allows you to re-read, see and listen to the marvellous stories of:

    * Tom Thumbling
    * The Pied Piper of Hamelin
    * Beauty and the Beast
    * Hansel and Gretel
    * The Emperor’s New Suit
    * The Little Iron Soldier
    * Aladdin and the Marvellous Lamp
    * The Brave Little Tailor
    * The Magical Beans
    * The Princess and the Pea
    * The Milkmaid
    * The Country Mouse and the City Mouse


    This beautiful collection of childrens stories is made to stimulate the imagination of children and bring a smile to the faces of adults. Reading or listening to a story transports us to the wonderful land of fantasy where the “Once upon a time” is the magic phrase that allows us to enter into the infinite territory of the most beautiful classic tales of childrens literature.
    Enjoy a unique experience and share the pleasure of reading unforgettable stories in this fantastical corner which holds thousands of surprises and new fascinating stories which will become your favourites.

    * The menú is on a shelf filled with the dolls from each story. Just select which one you wish to listen to or read.
    * You can intuitively turn the pages clicking on the right hand side with your finger to advance or on the left hand side to return.
    * You can also swipe your fingers to turn the page as you do with a real book.
    * If you wish to stop the voice, all you need to do is press the “pause” button and continue with the “play” button.
    * You can always restart the reading by pressing the “restart” button..
    * To return to the main menú just press the “”Bookshelf” button, you can do so at any moment.
    * Stories in your own versión! Press the RECORD button, register your name and record a whole story or just one page in your own voice, with your brothers and sisters, friends or with whoever you please!
    * In the option configuration you can choose the language of your preference.

    Classic Tales to listen, read and see.
    Enjoy this necessary ítem of your digital library with us, for you Smartphone.

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