Classic Tales III

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    Classic three little stories, a new installment of this great anthology in line with our previous volumes allows you to re-read, see and hear the wonderful stories of:

    - The Little Mermaid
    - Peter Pan
    - Alice in Wonderland
    - The dog and its reflection
    - The donkey with lion skin
    - Donkey Skin
    - Puss in Boots
    - The Fox and the Stork
    - The Jungle Book
    - The butterfly and the snail
    - Androcles and the Lion
    - Rumpelstiltskin

    You can record your own voice and it's you that tell the story!

    This beautiful collection of children's stories is meant to stimulate the imagination of children. Read or listen to a story takes us to the wonderful world of fantasy where the "Once Upon a Time" is the magic key that will allow us to enter the infinite territory of the finest classic stories of children's literature.

    Enjoy a unique experience and share the joy of reading in this corner unforgettable stories that saved thousands of fantastic surprises and fascinating new stories, we assure you, will become your favorite!

    * Record your voice and replaces the speaker, so your children can hear how you tell them stories.
    * Application supports all Android devices.
    • The menu is a shelf full of dolls representing each story. Just select the one you want to hear or read.
    * You can turn the pages by clicking with your finger on the right edge to move forward or left to move backward. As the books of a lifetime!
    * You can also slide your finger to turn the page as if you were really in a paper book.
    * If you want to stop the voice, you just need to press the button that appears in the image of "pause" and resume with the "play" button.
    * You can re-start the reading at the time you want by pressing the "reset".
    * To return to the main menu, you can do so at any time by pressing the "Bookshelf".
    * In the "i" button (Bookshelf), you can choose the audio to play automatically. So you can leave the application next to your children without turning pages to enable audio.

    No. 1 Selling Books section of iTunes in Argentina, Mexico, Spain, Peru, Colombia, Chile and Costa Rica!

    Classics in English little stories ... to listen, read and watch.
    Enjoy with us this Collection indispensable in your digital library!

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