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Collected Works Watchman Nee

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    In every age God has had His special work on earth among His created people, and for the accomplishment of this special work, He has raised up special men, chosen and perfected by Him to meet this special need. At the turn of the 20th century, while China was being transformed from a nation under imperialistic control to a democratic nation, God raised up one person by the name of Nee Shu-tsu (called Watchman Nee after his conversion) to fulfill His mission of the age. (Excerpt from “A Short Introduction in Memory of Brother Watchman Nee” from The Collected Works of Watchman Nee)

    In order to help the saints enjoy this treasure anywhere and at any time on their Android smartphones and Android tablets, Taiwan Gospel Book Room has developed this app: eZoe (The Collected Works of Watchman Nee) for Android, which includes approximately 19,000 pages of all sixty-two volumes of the three sets of The Collected Works of Watchman Nee. With the help of this app, may the Lord grant the saints more opportunities to be perfected and edified for the building up of His Body.


    - This app contains the title, outline and content of each Collected Works message.
    - Each point in the message outline is hyperlinked to its corresponding portion in the message.
    - Content can be stored on micro SD cards.
    - This app includes functions such as pick-and-read, search, playlist, diagram display, personal settings, etc.
    - This app supports traditional and simplified Chinese as well as English user interface.
    - This app is designed for Android smartphones and tablets.
    Special Functions:
    - Themes: Users can choose from among five background themes – beige, pure white, newspaper gray, black, and hydron blue.
    - Font: Users can choose from among five font sizes – normal, large, larger, second largest, and largest.
    - Long press the screen to add a bookmark to a portion or to copy.
    - The “Jump to” icon at the bottom of the screen allows users to quickly jump to a specific portion in the message.

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