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    Comet Monitor is software for the purpose of following current position of comets. It is composed of two databases, a star chart, a data screen, a Sky View screen and a Ephemerides table.

    Comet Monitor comes with two databases. "Selected JPL" is a selection of popular imaged comets using elements from JPL, while "Observable MPC" is the elements database of observable comets by the Minor Planet Center (MPC) without image icons. If you wish to have an imaged comet transferred to the "Selected JPL" database, please send the author an email with your comet icon (128 x 128) photo.

    The development of this software has been inspired by the approach of comet C/2012 (ISON) which is expected to become a celestial spectacle as bright as the full moon. With Comet Monitor you can follow the development of this event and locate the comet on a star chart.

    The orbital elements will be updated on regular basis and can be downloaded at any time. An update notification is not planned for privacy reasons, since this application does not send any data out of your device, but this would be necessary for checking your current database version. Internet Permission is required for database updates and download of Sky View images. Once downloaded images are saved and available offline and can be updated online any time.

    GPS Permission is for those who prefer to set local coordinates via GPS. Coordinates can also be input manually without GPS.

    The decimal accuracy of comet ephemerides is exaggerated in order to demonstrate how fast or slow things are changing. The computed data is in good agreement with NASA's Horizons data, however, not recommended for high precision astrometry.

    The use of this software, designed for amateur astronomers, requires familiarity with astronomy and the use of your device. A Help page is bundled and accessible from the main menu.

    This application operates in landscape mode only and requires presence of an external storage card. Of course best viewed with tablets.

    Galaxy Precident SCH-M828C and similarly small phones not supported.
    If in doubt, please contact the developer by email for pre-sales questions.


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