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    Description brings you on-the-go learning and reference for Computer Science.

    App offers quizzes, tutorials and flashcards to help you learn Computer Science.

    App is continuously updated based on your feedback.Your 100% satisfaction is guaranteed.

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    Includes following tutorials:

    Computer Fundamental,
    Computer Hardware,
    Computer Software,
    Number System,
    Searching Algorithms,
    Programming Basics,
    Web Programming,
    Object Oriented Programming,
    Java Programming Basics,
    Operating System,
    Data Processing,
    File Processing,
    Data Structures,
    Sorting and Sorting Algorithms I,
    Sorting and Sorting Algorithms II,
    Networking and Internet,
    Databases I,
    Databases II,
    Software Engineering I,
    Software Engineering II,
    Data Communication,
    Data Warehouse,
    Memory Management,
    Computer Viruses.

    Includes following quizzes:

    Quiz on Computer Fundamental,
    Quiz on Number System,
    Quiz on Algorithms,
    Quiz on Programming Basics,
    Quiz on Web Programming,
    Quiz on OOP (Object Oriented Programming),
    Quiz on Java Programming,
    Quiz on OS (Operating Systems),
    Quiz on DS (Data Structure) and Sorting,
    Quiz on Networking,
    Quiz on Databases,
    Quiz on Data Communication and Memory Management.

    Includes following flashcards:

    Flash cards on Computer Basics,
    Flash cards on Binary Numbers,
    Flash cards on Data Structures,
    Flash cards on Networking.

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