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    Do your kids play video games?

    Learn the Pros and Cons of Playing Computer Video Games!

    While some people think these video games are harmless, others are very critical of them due to the violent content many of them contain. Do you know what games your children are playing?

    Introducing.."Computer Video Games"

    Here's what you can get inside this guide:

    What Makes The Virtual World So Appealing
    A Gamers Plea For The Future
    Video Games Can Be Fun and Educational
    How To Become a Pro Online Game Player
    No Online Gaming With Dial Up
    Mom And Dad Can Play Too
    Dealing With Video Game Obsessed Teenagers
    Do You Have What it Takes to be a Video Game Expert?
    Don’t Be Afraid To Give a New Game a Chance
    Don’t Go Broke Playing Games
    Gaming With MMORPGs
    Practice Good Gaming Etiquette