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    Attention: Be the ideal person you’ve always dreamed of becoming!

    How to Easily Acquire Any Trait (Happiness, Patience, Courage, Focus … Anything!) You Desire to Possess, Attain Good Health and Prosperity, and Be in Total Command of Your Life!

    How to Command and Master Your Emotions will help you defeat those self-inflicting, destructive emotions that hinder you from attaining success and freedom in life.

    You will learn how to convert negative emotions into positive ones using the incredible power of your mind. Application of this knowledge can propel you to reach any goal you pursue in life.

    Now you can be happy, confident, passionate, persistent, or enthusiastic - anytime you wish and anywhere you want! You can even command your body to attain optimum health! It’s like holding the key to successful relationships, good health, and rewarding careers, since all these aspects depend largely on the way you handle your emotions.

    The power lies within you. All you have to do is release it. Let this book teach you how!

    What you will find inside How to Command and Master Your Emotions:

    The very simple act that will instantly change your mood, emotion, or even energy level.

    How people, among them professionals and leaders, become prisoners of their moods and emotions.

    Various ways of releasing negative emotions.

    How to influence other people without them being consciously aware of it.

    How to make other people feel grateful to you.

    How to be happy instantly.

    How to be more successful in commanding the emotions.

    How to be passionate or enthusiastic instantaneously.

    The origin and causes of emotions.

    How emotions play a vital role in training dogs.

    How the brain lessens or weakens in its ability to influence parts of the body.

    The calm attitude exhibited by expert negotiators in hostage situations.

    Why we need to command emotions and not control them.

    Why controlling (not commanding) an emotion damages our health and well-being in the long run.

    How to empower the mind so it can control the will.

    How you can train your mind well to recruit the will over to your side and conquer your emotions.

    The best way to meditate.

    The best type of rest.

    What gives you the needed breathing and exercise that empowers your mind, but does not exhaust your body.

    The truth about brainwashing.

    How to command your legs and feet to run faster.

    How to command your heart or lungs to function better.

    How to command your pains and aches to go away.

    How to command things around you.

    This report also reveals true-to-life examples of real life people utilizing the mind to command the emotions!

    Some of them include:

    How an Asian hero overcame his fear of death.

    How Mahatma Gandhi countered an unjust government administration.

    One of the greatest leaders who did positive actions against offensive stimuli.

    How Martin Luther King fought for equal rights.

    How a school administrator faced a difficult parent.

    How a church leader counteracted the opposition of the elders.

    How a counseler defeated her peers who make her look bad.

    How an 18-year old save people from a stampede.

    How a messenger saved a school from foreclosure.

    How a young boy conquered his fear of ghosts.

    How a couple was able to save their budget from unnecessary spending.

    How a married man resisted lustful temptation.

    Examples of men eliminating envy, jealousy, and anger.

    People who claim to have extreme command not only of their emotions but practically anything.

    People who claim they can command disabilities like paralysis, amputation, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, and even the worst of cancers to leave human bodies.

    And a lot, lot more!

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