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    Many people have made a big business out of their crafts and they can truly say that there is no greater fulfillment than having the work of ther own hands pay off.

    If you have crafts to sell, this app how to make money from your crafts. You'll get a complete checklist on how to sell crafts at craft shows, craft fairs and craft festivals nationwide or sell crafts online so you can build your very own profit-making crafts business.

    Extras: Includes a fun puzzle game! Try and piece the picture back together. How fast can YOU finish it?!


    Craft fairs, craft shows or craft festivals are time-honored tradition through generations of American families. For many, going to these shows have become an annual pilgrimage.

    Some crafts shows and craft fairs are small scale hometown exhibitions showcasing local, homegrown talents and held at the Local Park or civic center. Some are mammoth crafts festivals that are huge productions where you can see hundreds of thousands of crafters join up to showcase their handmade works. Depending on location, these craft shows, craft fairs and craft festivals have become the Mecca for all skilled craftsmen and avid home crafters alike.

    Who knew one could make some really serious cash just by selling, let’s say, personalized, unique Christmas ornaments, hand-sewn golf towels, and candles made on someone’s kitchen stove? But, everyday people can make plenty of money in the crafts business. That is, if your handmade item is unique and saleable.

    This app is mainly geared toward the craft fair vendor. If you make something you think you want to sell at a craft show, then this app is definitely for you. We will guide you through all the details you need to prepare for your craft show so you can stage a successful and profitable exhibit. You will learn exactly:

    • How to find your product
    • How to save money on supplies
    • What common mistakes to avoid
    • How to market “your story”
    • How to find craft shows
    • How to apply and get your item approved
    • How to set up your space
    • How to do inventory
    • How to set your price
    • Safety precautions at the show
    • How to sell at online craft shows

    With this app you can build a fun, rewarding and profitable business selling your crafts!

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