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    Nabi Muhammad p.b.u.h. has said, “Seeking knowledge is obligatory for every Muslim.” [Ibnu Maajah : 224]

    The Deeniyat Institute has started a humble effort in this direction to promote a systematic syllabus for the Makaatib.

    Using the name Deeniyat as a title to the series, syllabi have been prepared for children and for adult men and women. The children's syllabus has been divided into the following three categories: 1) Primary 2) Secondary 3) Advanced.

    Apart from the Zero Course, the primary course runs for a period of five years. This includes completion of the Qur'aan together with the important aspects of Deen. You have in your hand the syllabus for the First year, which includes the same sequence of the heading and subjects as in the previous years. The introduction of the syllabus and its features have been elaborated in the text book of the first year. It can be referred to whenever required.

    Our Du'aa to Allaah is to accept this humble effort and to create unity, steadfastness and sincerity within every person involved in this effort. (Aameen)

    Note: This Book is part of the popular 5 Year Deeniyat Islamic Studies Syllabus published by Idara -e- DEENIYAT

    Topics covered in this book include:
    1. Qur'aan: Noraani Qaa'idah / Qira'atul Qur'aan, Hifdhus Surah
    2. Hadeeth: Du'aa & Sunnah, Hifdhul Hadeeth
    3. Aqaa'id (Beliefs) & Masaa'il (Rules): Aqaa'id (Beliefs), Salaah, Al-Asmaa-ul-Husna, Masaa'il (Rules)
    4. Islaamic Upbringing: Islaamic Knowledge, Speech and Du'aa, Seerah, Deen Made Easy
    5. Language: Arabic, Urdu

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