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    Delhi Tourism
    (1) India's One of the most favorite destination for tourism during vacations and holidays is Delhi (2) People all over the world who are keen to see the beauty of India come Delhi (3) Delhi is a tourist place which has many attractions for tourists (4) Mughal architecture of Delhi is the center of attraction for tourists such as Red Fort and the Qutub Minar

    Delhi Transport
    (1) DTC busses are one of the major mode of transport (2) Metro train is the other major mode of transport (3) Auto Rickshaws are mostly based on CNG (Compresses Natural Gas) (4) Delhi is the headquarter of Northern Railway (5) Five major railway stations of Delhi are Sarai Rohilla, New Delhi Railway Station, Nizamuddin Railway Station, Old Delhi Railway Station and Anand Vihar Railway Terminal

    Delhi Sports
    (1) Commonwealth games were conducted in Delhi (2) There are many cricket grounds in Delhi where national and international tournaments are played (3) Delhi has its own IPL team that is Delhi Daredevils (4) Football is the other popular sport of Delhi after cricket (5) Delhi has a football stadium named Ambedkar stadium (6) Golf and Rugby is becoming popular now a day

    Delhi Geography and Climate
    (1) Delhi is the capital of India which is covered by land from all sides (2) Delhi is far away from the sea (3) Delhi has extreme summer and extreme winter temperatures (4) Summer starts from April and ends till June (5) Summers are too hot and humid (6) Monsoon starts from June and ends till August

    Delhi Infrastructure
    (1) Infrastructure Of Delhi is best suitable for BPOs, MNCs and other IT companies (2) Delhi is connected by roads, flyovers, railways, airports (3) Govt. of Delhi is improving their Infrastructure day by day (4) Education in Delhi is very good. There are many good schools and colleges in Delhi

    Delhi Economy
    (1) Delhi's per capita income is higher than other cities (2) Many multinational companies are there in Delhi (3) Malls, Discotheques, pubs, restaurants, hotels, fast food chains, amusement parks etc. are here (4) IT, export and outsourcing industries are also well established (5) Many National and foreign banks, financial groups, big companies are established here

    Delhi Administration
    (1) Delhi has three municipal corporations- New Delhi Municipal Council, Municipal Corporation of Delhi and Delhi Cantonment Board (2) Government of India appoints the chairman of New Delhi Municipal Council (3) There are four main satellite cities- Gurgaon, Faridabad, Noida and Ghaziabad (4) There are nine districts in Delhi (5) A Deputy Commissioner is the head of each district

    Delhi Demographics
    (1) Delhi is a metropolitan city and people of various parts of country come here for work every year (2) Delhi is a blend of different cultures and religions (3) Hindi, English, Panjabi and Urdu are the major languages used in Delhi (4) Half of the population of Delhi lives in slums (5) Crime rate is very high in Delhi

    Delhi Culture
    (1) Delhi is the largest metropolitan city of India (2) Delhi has a variety of cultures and religions (3) People of all cultures and religions lives in Delhi such as Hindus, Muslims, Jains, Christians and Sikhs etc (4) Migration of every year creates a unique blend of culture

    Delhi Media
    (1) Media Trust of India, Press trust of India and Doordarshan are situated in Delhi (2) Delhi is a political hub, television regularly shows Parliament sessions (3) Newspapers of different languages publish every day (4) Radio is another popular mass media in Delhi (5) Many magazines publish here

    Delhi Education
    (1) Two types of schools are there in Delhi- Public schools and Private schools (2) Most schools are based on the Central Board for Secondary Education (CBSE) and the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) (3) Delhi has many engineering and medical colleges, technological institutes, management colleges, law colleges, research and development centers etc

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