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    WordLog is an English dictionary with extended functionalities, notably bookmarking, notes, history and sharing, thus allowing you to keep track of those words you encounter here and there and don't want to forget about. It is based on the awesome, ultra-complete online Wordnik dictionary, and provides very thorough definitions, suitable for casual use as well as advanced linguistic research.

    Encountered a word in a book that you don't know, or forgot the exact meaning of? Then look it up, bookmark it, and never lose track of it again. You can then navigate to other related words, including synonyms, hypernyms, hyponyms, verb-stems etc., thereby also broadening your general culture. Add notes to each words (e.g. "Read it in War and Peace, p.203, in the Fall of 2011), and create your own, custom dictionary following you everywhere.

    Found a word particularly intriguing, or funny? Then share the definition with your friends via mail, SMS, Twitter or Facebook!

    Key features:
    - Wordnik-based dictionary
    - Synonyms dictionary
    - Bookmarks
    - Notes
    - History
    - Word of the day
    - Random words
    - Share via e-mail, SMS etc.
    - Backup and restore

    Reference: Wordnik

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