Dog Breeding Basics

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    Dog Breeding Basics

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    Should you breed your dog? How do you go about it?
    Get all basics you need to know about breeding dogs in this app. Find out about the types of dog breeds, how to choose a dog breed, when to breed a dog plus many more essential dog info to help you breed dogs successfully!

    Extras: Includes a fun puzzle game! Try and piece the picture back together. How fast can YOU finish it?!


    Breeding dogs is something that requires a lot of hard work, and something that requires a lifetime commitment on your part. A love for dogs should be a major aspect of your life as many hours of each of your days will be spent raising puppies, working with your dogs, and making sure that they are healthy.

    Breeding dogs takes many hours of consideration and planning. You will have to find out as much information about the breeds you are considering so you can make a good decision about the right dog breed for you.

    As you begin to breed, you are going to need to have a breeding plan. Your breeding plan should then go into detail about how many dogs you plan on having and where you plan on keeping them. Then, you will need to obtain the best breeding stock possible for your own breeding operation.

    This app will help you with all of the above details and give you more info on:

    - Exploring and learning breed standards
    - Deciding when to breed
    - Creating questionnaires and waiting lists
    - Birthing puppies
    - Raising puppies
    - Waiting lists and interviews for homes
    - Contracts
    - Lifetime breeding and ownership

    Plus more dog breeding secrets to help you begin dog breeding successfully!