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    Here's what you'll discover in the "Simply Divine: Discovering Perfect Nutrition for Your Dog" E-Book:

    * How to understand canine nutrition...

    * 3 little known, yet simple ways that proteins and carbohydrates affects the health of your dog...

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    * WARNING: 3 things you should never do when it comes to your dog's nutrition...

    * You'll discover in just a few short minutes how certain foods can be toxic to your dog...

    * 6 time tested and proven strategies to helping your dog eat new food...

    * When to seek professional help when it comes to your dog's diet...

    * 7 everyday but often overlooked tips and tricks for ensuring that your dog has enough water...

    * A pennies on the dollar approach to feeding your dog a healthy diet...

    * How often to feed your older dog...

    * How to prepare unique and tasty treats and meals for your dog...

    * The once famous but forgotten secret that instantly allows your dog to become healthy all around...

    and much more...

    Nutrition is one of the most important issues that needs to be addressed when considering the health of your dog. If you want your dog to live a long, active, and happy life, free from the common health problems associated with modern dog foods, then you should be feeding your dog home-made meals every day.

    Just like humans, dogs need a balanced diet that includes the proper nutrients for continuous growth and tissue repair. A lack of these nutrients in a dog’s diet can cause stunted growth, poor healing after injury, and a shorter lifespan compared to dogs who are receiving optimum nutrition.

    Proteins are one of the most important nutrients in a dog’s diet. They are necessary for all aspects of growth and development, and are very important in structural make up and the immune system. Plus, proteins are burned as calories and can be converted to, and stored, as fat.
    Although the intake of fat is generally looked upon negatively in the human diet world, it is a very important nutritional requirement in a dog’s diet. Fats are actually concentrated forms of energy. Fat is also needed for normal kidney processes, and to help your dog maintain a healthy coat and healthy skin. In addition to proteins and fats, carbohydrates are needed in a dog’s diet as well. Since dogs are generally active, they need a clean source of carbohydrates that can easily be used for energy.

    By feeding your dog a healthy, home-made meal, you are able to carefully monitor the nutrients you are giving your dog. Plus, you can properly give them the correct portion size for their breed. In addition, you can steer your pet away from things like preservatives, additives, and artificial flavoring. Many home-made dog food recipes call for healthy foods like bananas, honey, peanut butter, vegetables, apples, and pumpkins -- plus nutritious meats such as fresh beef, chicken, turkey, and fish. While some people choose to give their dogs home-made meals because their dogs have been diagnosed with a health condition, require a special diet, or are in competition training, others simply understand that the manufacturer’s dog food is nothing more than processed, low-quality food sprayed with fat to make it more appetizing for dogs.

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