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    Does your dog whine and bark and even tear things apart and just go wildly crazy everytime you leave the house?

    Your dog may have separation anxiety.
    Dog separation anxiety can be a huge problem for you and your dog. In this app, learn symptoms, causes and other important info about fear in dogs, dog stress, dog behavior problems, dog sedatives to help you deal with anxiety in dogs.

    Extras: Includes a fun puzzle game! Try and piece the picture back together. How fast can YOU finish it?!


    Your dog is not a 'bad dog!' He may just be suffering from separation anxiety – and it can be cured!

    There are a lot of other people with dogs suffering from separation anxiety. There are many methods to help them. But first of all, you will really need to differentiate between a healthy dog and one that suffers from separation anxiety so you can deal with the behavioral issues correctly.

    Dog separation anxiety is a critical behavioral problem, which can cause tremendous emotional distress for both dogs and their owners. It can occur in dogs of any age or breed, and is one of the most common reasons for pet owners to euthanize or give up their dogs.

    Most dogs with normal behavior characteristically sleep, bark randomly or chew their toys when left alone in the house or in a room without access to its owner. For dogs with separation anxiety, they can make leaving the house or even the room an emotional hitch and a difficult task for its owner.

    Signs of distress that occur only when your dog does not have access to you give a clear indication of separation anxiety. This anxiety usually begins when your dog thinks you are getting ready to leave. It can be exhibited if you put your dog in a room and close the door behind you.

    Yes, it can be stressful to have an unhealthy pet around but abandoning him is not a solution. We have a moral responsibility to take care of our pet’s health. If he is suffering from separation anxiety, then we must help him overcome the disorder. Separation anxiety can be cured with time, and you will get your cheerful dog back!

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