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    Dream Dictionary “ Ibn Sirin ” is a smart phone mobile application addressed to all who want to know what their dream means. So now with Dream Dictionary “ Ibn Sirin ” you have the ability to know what your dreams means and interpret your dreams.
    The best way for Dream explanation is to refer to expert dream analyzer and dream interpreter like Miler Dream Meaning; Nabulsi Dream Meaning and Ibn Sirin Dream Meaning.
    - Dreams interpretations Dictionary Style A-Z
    - No need to be connected on the internet to interpret Dreams “Offline Version”
    - More than 4,000 Dreams interpretations
    - Search for specific Dream Meanings Keywords
    - Interpret your dreams in alphabetical order
    - Dream Explanations Share
    - Add Dream Meanings to Favorites’
    - Zoom in and Zoom out in Dream Meanings Text
    - Dreams Explanation based on Islamic Dream Meaning
    - Easy navigation to get what your Dream Means
    - And more Features in sooner Versions
    So Dream Dictionary “ Ibn Sirin” provide you dreams explanation, dreams meanings and dreams interpretations via Dictionary Style A-Z while Dream Dictionary “ Ibn Sirin ” Interpret your dreams in alphabetical order. Moreover This Application Dream Dictionary contain Ibn Sirin dream moods, Ibn Sirin dream meanings, Ibn Sirin dream interpretations and Ibn Sirin dreams explanation. In addition Ibn Sirin is the famous Islamic Dream interpretation in Islamic Books.
    Islamic dream meanings are based on Holy Quran and Holy Hadith.
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