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    What does your dreams mean? Would you like to understand your dreams? Would you like to understand what those dreams are trying to tell you? Find the meaning of your dreams in this FREE dream interpretation dictionary.
    Do you know that everything that you dream mean something! Download for free this dictionary and find the meaning of all your dreams!
    Find the interpretation of the most common and uncommon dreams such as flying, running, falling, escaping, teeth, etc..

    The application helps explore those mysterious night time communications that we get from our subconscious, commonly known as dreams. Although the app is already extensive in information, the latest update allows users to request specific additions, search for interpretations by full sentences, and share search results via Facebook, Twitter and email.

    Users have always been able to search the more one thousand dream symbols and keywords to try and gain a better understanding of their dreams. Doing so involves simply typing a word into the search bar. The resulting display of interpretations from the dreams dictionary is then instantly displayed to inspire the user to further exploration of those mysterious night time communications from the subconscious.

    There is an extensive and impressive amount of information in the My Dreams application but now, with this latest update, there is even more.

    Now, users are able to search over 2,000 terms by typing full sentences into the search bar. Immediately, all interpretations matching elements in the sentence, are displayed on the screen.


    If a user has a symbol, word or term they’d like added to the My Dreams database, they are able to submit it by adding a comment. Within three days, developers will ensure that it becomes available to users. Any users who do make a request or suggestion, will be notified by email when the addition is completed.


    These are some of the features offered in My Dreams:
    * Attractive, easy to use interface
    * Discover the meaning of dreams
    * More than 1,000 symbols and keywords
    * More than 2,000 terms
    * Suggested keywords and symbols are added in 3 days or less
    * Easily search the dictionary by keyword, term or symbol
    * Share dreams via Facebook, Twitter and email

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