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    Reading e-book on mobile phone is a very nice thing. You can take a book everywhere as long as you take your mobile phone. In addition, you can get knowledge or happiness from books at any time.

    Do you often use your mobile phone to read book? If your answer is yes, you must need a good book reader which is used on mobile phone. E-book Show is reader app which you need.

    Do you want to know its main features?

    1. E-book Show is a free, simple and easy e-book reader in android market.

    2. This book reader can let you add a book mark at any place.

    3. This reader can tell you the detailed information of the current e-book such as its size.

    4. This book reader can tell you the topic of what you are reading.

    5. This reader allows you do some setting of it so that it will suit you better.

    We believe that if a book reader is professional, it must be simple. We mean that this reader has other functions. Therefore, we try our best to make this reader simple and easy, but it is absolutely professional.

    Now let us talk about this reader in a detailed way.

    1. This is a free e-book reader so that you need not to pay for it. Your money will be saved.

    2. A book is not easy to be finished reading when you read it. Therefore, you may need to make a book mark so that you can continue to read it the next time. You can find the book mark button in the MENU.

    3. If you want to know the detailed information of one e-book, you can touch the INF in the MENU. You can know its size and other information.

    4. When you read a e-book on your mobile phone, you may forget the topic of this current chapter. At that time, you just touch the TOP then you will its topic.

    5. You may feel that this reader is not good to use for some place doesn’t suit you well. You can do some settings in the SET to make this reader suit you better.

    We talk about this reader so much now. There are more detailed functions for you to discover. You will find that though this reader seems simple and easy, it is a good reader which can let you get the best e-book enjoyment on your mobile phone.

    E-book Show has the ability to let you read e-book on your mobile phone. Maybe there is a e-book reader on your mobile phone, but the original reader lacks some functions. It can’t make you get the best enjoyment of e-book.

    If you feel that this book reader is good, you can share it with your friends and others. If you have any advice of this e-book reader, please give me an e-mail.

    E-book Show can give you a hand when you read book on your mobile phone.

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