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    Throughout the centuries, there have been many Bible foonotes and commentaries written by Bible teachers. However, most of these writings focus on the objective and doctrinal side of the divine revelation instead of on the side of life. One may go so far as to say that there has not been any Bible commentary like the Life-study of the Old and New Testaments, which supplies and nourishes its readers with life and ushers them into the divine revelation. Therefore, the completion of the Life-study is a great accomplishment in church history.

    Such an accomplishment is the result of Brother Witness Lee's faithful labor in the Lord between January 1974 and July 1995. In his own word, the purpose of the Life-study is fourfold: 1) to present the truth; 2) to minister the life supply; 3) to solve the common and hard problems in the New Testament; 4) to open up the books of the Bible through accurate explanation.

    In order to help the saints enjoy this treasure anywhere and at any time on their Android smartphones and Android tablets, Taiwan Gospel Book Room has developed this app: eZoe (Life-study of the Old and New Testaments) for Android. This app supports traditional and simplified Chinese, and includes the titles, outlines and content of all 1984 Life-study messages, with a total of 19,000 pages.

    May the Lord bless each message that through the help of this app the saints will have more opportunities to grow in life for the building up of the Body of Christ and the producing of the new man, consummating in the New Jerusalem.


    - This app contains the title, outline and content of each Life-study message.
    - This app includes 1984 Life-study messages with a total of approximately 19,000 pages.
    - Each point in the message outline is hyperlinked to its corresponding portion in the message.
    - Content can be stored in micro SD cards.
    - This app includes functions such as pick-and-play, search, playlist, diagram display, personal settings, etc.
    - This app supports traditional and simplifed Chinese as well as English user interface.
    - This app is designed for Android smartphones and tablets.

    Special Functions:

    - Themes: Users can choose from among five background themes – beige, pure white, newspaper gray, black, and hydron blue.
    - Font: Users can choose from among five font sizes – normal, large, larger, second largest, and largest.
    - Long press the screen to add a bookmark to a portion or to copy.
    - The “Jump to” icon at the bottom of the screen allows the users to quickly jump to a specific portion in the message.

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