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    *** How to BE, DO and HAVE More! ***

    Dear Reader,

    Are you experiencing everything you wish for in life? Yes, that’s a loaded question. The only saving grace is that you aren’t alone. As the saying goes, there truly are people out there who live their lives in quiet desperation.

    They didn’t plan their life that way. In fact, most of us start out in life about the same. As children we usually grab hold of life reaching for the brass ring fully expecting to catch it.

    Children are full of expectations fully prepared to live life to the fullest. There is nothing too difficult to tackle; nothing we can’t achieve. Sadly, we grow up. Little by little life erodes that invincibility and before you know it, there’s that life of quiet desperation.

    We lose that exalting sense of freedom and belief. Basic survival mode kicks in and before you know it we struggle just to keep our heads above water.

    There’s no place in our lives for faith and belief in our own invincibility. We plod along in our daily routines with no expectation of something larger than our ability to survive.

    Where is that anticipation of great things when the sun rises each day? Is it lost from us forever? Will it always be this way? Is that all there is?

    No, there is more to life than just surviving day to day. You can BE MORE! You can DO MORE! You can HAVE MORE! And, you can learn how in “emPOWERMENT” can show you how.

    Inside the digital pages of “emPOWERMENT” you unlearn bad habits and relearn what is still lurking beneath the surface within yourself.

    In a nutshell you learn how to Take Back Your Power!

    Author Michael Shenker is a premier authority on exactly how to do just that. His unique training methods invoke “inspiration” rather than motivation and he has successfully transferred that talent to the digital page in “emPOWERMENT.”

    Usually this is where most “sales copy” lists the contents of the material and how it will benefit you. However, that’s not what you are going to read here today.

    What you DO need to know is:

    Michael takes you on a journey of “emPOWERMENT”along with a mysterious friend. The story of his personal evolution unfolds as you follow his pathway.

    Read the contents through and through and pay particular attention to the last few lines. In fact let’s totally break away from tradition and give them to you right here:

    The End…
    or The Beginning.

    You can reject or accept what you have read.
    You can remain as you are or have everything you want.

    The choice is yours.

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