End of the World Survival Full

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    **FULL Version** This is the Ultimate Survival Apocalypse App. This App has over 1,000 documents from building shelters, identifying edible plants, surviving in the desert to nuclear fall out shelters. Be ready in the case of an emergency like CPR or basic life saving medical bits. You can learn a lot from this App!

    Sample Docs:
    Generator Buying
    Medical Isolation Planning
    Living without electric
    Home-made bandages
    Winter Storm Survival
    Water Treatment
    Survival Medicine
    Survival Guns
    Tornado Survival
    Survival Foods
    Tactical Readiness
    Shelter Management Handbook
    Field Skinning & Dressing
    Solar Cooking
    Pandemic Flu Preparedness
    Military Guides
    Navigation and Tracking, Jungle
    Nuclear Weapons Effects
    Nuclear War Effects of 1979, 154p
    Nuclear War Survival Skills (1)
    Nuclear Weapons Effects
    Nuclear Weapons Effects - handbook
    Outdoor LifeSurvivalGuns
    Outside Concrete Shelter
    PSD -F-61-7
    PSD F-61-2
    PSD F-61-3
    PSD F-61-4
    PSD F-61-5
    PSD F-61-6
    PSD F-61-8
    Pandemic Flu Preparedness
    Peddle Operated Grain Mill
    Planning Your Garden
    Plans For A Complete Beekeeping System
    Plant Identification
    Planting a Home Vegetable Garden
    Planting a Home Vegetable Garden
    Plumber's Stove
    Potaseum Pill
    Potassium Iodide
    Poultry Appliances And Handicraft
    Poultry Appliances and Handicraft
    Power Outages
    Practical Farm Buildings
    Practical Farm buildings
    Practical Pointers On The Care of Lifestock
    Prep list as table
    Preparedness - Hurricane
    Preparedness - Tornado
    Preparedness - Volcano
    Preparedness - Winter Storm
    Preparing For Disaster for People With Disabilities
    Preserving Game Meats
    Preserving vegetables by salting drying and storing
    Priming the Berkey Filter
    Primitive, Fire by Friction
    Pumpkin Cultivation and Post Harvest Handling
    Purification Of Water On A Small Scale
    Purify in an Emergency
    Purify Water in an Emergency
    R3 3panel ReadyBrochure
    Radio info
    Radiological Defence Officers Course Manual 1974
    Radiological Defense Officers course manual
    Ragnars Urban Survival
    Raised Bed Gardening OKState (1)
    Raised Bed Gardening OKState
    Raising Rabbits
    Reconnecting After Disaster
    Reconnecting after disaster wtrplc 6.00&
    Report of the Commission
    Rifle Bonus pistol
    SM Space Gardening Excellant
    SURV Wild Game from Field to Table
    Sawdust Burning Space Heater Stove
    Seabee 05 Land Navigation [Compass]
    Seabee1 Ch10 First Aid, Field Sanitation
    Self Defense Armed Unarmed 2nd Ed
    Self Defense Brown
    Severe Thunderstorms
    Shelf Life of Food Storage
    Shelter Management Handbook
    Short Season Vegetable Gardening
    Signaling And Direction Finding
    Simple Solar Still For The Production Of Distilled Water
    Skinning And Dressing Rabbits
    Slow Sand Filters
    Small Plastic Greenhouses
    Smith & Wesson Sigma SW9VE
    Solar Water Disinfection
    Solar Food Drying
    Solar Photovotaics For Irrigation Water Pumping
    Solar Power
    Solar Water Heater
    Some Thoughts on Disaster Communications
    Start Garden Transplants
    Start a Small Garden
    Start a Vegetable Garden
    Starting a Fire in the Rain
    Stocking Food
    Storage of Wheat
    Strengthening Exterior Doors
    Surv Fire Making Pics Military Survival
    Surv Fire Making, Friction-Based
    Surv Fire, Prim, Aussie Fire Bow
    Survival - FM 21-76 Supplemental Photos and Diagrams
    Survival Bible
    Survival Library
    Survival Communication 101
    Survival Guns AND Personal Self Defense Weapons Tactical Gear
    Survival Guns
    Survival Food Storage
    Survival Guide
    Survival Medicine
    Surviving in the City
    Many Many Many More.... when you need them its too late, its time to learn now!

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    Users comments for End of the World Survival Full

    Fred Morgan

    by Fred Morgan

    Dec 07, 2014  |  "Poor"

    Does not Download books... Only works at 'End of the World' if cell towers are available... LOL

    Jerry D Young

    by Jerry D Young

    Jul 30, 2013  |  "Great"

    Working well now. Would be 5 stars except some files will not load and a couple lock up. But a great selection of info. I like it.

    josh chetham

    by josh chetham

    Jul 16, 2013  |  "Poor"

    I've paid nearly £2.00 for nothing :(

    Nealson Foster

    by Nealson Foster

    Dec 27, 2012  |  "Poor"

    No option to download the content/pdf's. If this were true in the world situation, there may not be Internet. It would not be nice to store the documents on the phone/as card itself.

    Michael Bergen

    by Michael Bergen

    Dec 17, 2012  |  "OK"

    I expected this app to have high quality info. Some of it was, though not enough to make it extremely useful. Many of the items did not open and still cant for some reason. I recommend checking out the free app first... also there were items in here, taken straight from I cant believe i paid for this.