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    UnitConv app helps in quick unit conversion from SI units to USCS/Imperial and vice versa for most of the units associated in engineering conventions and computations. Therefore, App can be very handy for engineers and students dealing with subjects such as thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, heat transfers and other applied engineering subjects where property data requires frequent conversion.

    This app covers units under following18 major categories.

    1. Mass (kg, lbm, slug, ounce, grain, M. Tonne, Ton)
    2. Length (meter, ft, cm, in, mm, km, mile)
    3. Area (m^2, ft^2, cm^2, in^2)
    4. Volume (liter, gal (US), gal (UK), m^3. ft^3, fl_oz)
    5. Temperature (deg C, deg F, Kelvin, Rankin)
    6. Flow rate (lpm, gpm, cc/sec, ci/sec)
    7. Force (Newton, dyne, kgf, lbf)
    8. Pressure (kPa, Bar, psi, atm, kgf/cm^2, in_wg, mm_Hg )
    9. Velocity (m/sec. ft/sc, kmph, mph)
    10.Energy (Joule, cal, BTU, m.kgf, ft.lbf)
    11.Power (kW, hp, kcal/s, BTU/hr, kgf.m/s, lbf.ft/s)
    12.Density (kg/m^3, lb/ft^3, m/cc, lbf.sec^2/in^4)
    13.Dynamic Viscosity (Pa.sec, poise, cP, reyn, kgf.sec/m^2, lbf.sec/ft^2)
    14.Kinematic viscosity (stokes, cSt, newts)
    15.Specific heat (joule/kg.K, BTU/lb.F, cal/kg.C)
    16.Thermal Conductivity (W/m.K, BTU/hr.ft.F)
    17.Enthalpy (kJ/kg, BTU/lb)
    18.Entropy (kJ/kg.K, BTU/hr.R)

    By default app provides conversion factor. However, users can enter data to convert its value in another unit. There is a separate section on Standard Gas Flow rate unit conversion. The following screen shots illustrate this for gas flow rates, pressure and dynamic viscosity.

    With Best Compliments From
    Kaup Shenoy Associates.

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    rahul jogi

    by rahul jogi

    Mar 03, 2016  |  "Awesome"

    This app was developed by the owner of my old rent house.......thank your sir....

    Felipe M. C. Conti

    by Felipe M. C. Conti

    Jul 22, 2015  |  "OK"

    It's good, but it doesn't have much alternatives.

    Matthew Warren

    by Matthew Warren

    Jan 08, 2014  |  "Poor"


    Soleh Subarkat

    by Soleh Subarkat

    Jan 02, 2014  |  "Awesome"

    Aplikasi konversi yang cukup membantu

    jeff rey

    by jeff rey

    Dec 25, 2013  |  "OK"

    Kpa to psi is faulty. No multi-unit compositions like lbs/ft to kg/m available. Does not have units outside of SI and Traditional.

    Sameeh Sharif

    by Sameeh Sharif

    Dec 21, 2013  |  "Poor"

    Temp. in - is not there mr. Eng.