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    The ET Contact Tool app for Android provides a handy reference guide of the demonstrated CE-5 ET contact protocol, including text written by Dr. Greer as well as audio and video material, compass and magnetometer. You may find of interest.

    The app was designed to be used in the field where Internet connectivity is not available. However when the app is run for the first time, it requires Internet access to download the media file (just over 110MB, you get a lot of great content). Also, there are links in the text provided in the app that link to external websites that require Internet access to use.

    NOTE: The media file download that happens when the app is run for the first time can, depending on your data plan, incur additional charges. If this is your case, we recommend you defer purchasing this app until you are in an area where you have unmetered or lower cost Internet access (such as home or office WiFi connectivity). In any case, neither Outer World Apps nor CSETI is responsible for any additional charges.

    The Guide section consists of the following topics:
    * Introduction
    * * How to Use This App
    * * Setting Up Your Phone
    * Contact Protocols
    * * Overview
    * * Preparations
    * * Meditation and CTS (audio)
    * * Making Contact (audio)
    * What to Look for
    * * Types of Phenomena
    * * Night Sky Phenomena
    * * Close-Proximity Phenomena
    * * Electromagnetic Phenomena
    * Reference Guide
    * * Additional Equipment
    * * About CSETI
    * * The Disclosure Project
    * * The Orion Project
    * * Dr. Steven M. Greer
    * * Glossary of Terms
    * * Suggested Reading List
    * * Credits and Copyrights

    The Tones section provides audio that is of interest:
    * Crop Circle Tones (audio)
    * Mt. Shasta Tones (audio)
    * CSETI Logo in 3-D (audio)
    * Fibonacci Sequence (audio)

    The Meditations section provides guided meditations:
    * Field Meditation (audio)
    * Structure of the Universe (audio)

    The Examples section illustrates some observed phenomena:
    * Alleged Satellites (video)
    * Alleged Meteors (video)
    * Orbs (video)
    * Compass Polarity Shifts
    * Radar Detector Signals (audio)
    * Craft in Ultraviolet
    * Disc Over the Ocean
    * Rio Rico Craft

    There is also an Instruments page which has magnetometer related information (direction/compass and magnitude), with an alarm that will alert when the magnitude of the magnetic field exceeds a given value.

    NOTE: The instruments do not work well on some phones due to the sensors in the device. Sometimes a calibration procedure helps, try rotating the phone in all directions on all three axes then see if the compass responds correctly. Other than that, there is nothing we can do to fix it. Comparing with other compass apps on the same phone usually yields similar indications. However, the instruments are not the main emphasis of the app, the text and multimedia content is. In any case, please do not purchase the app if you require the instruments to work accurately.

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