Eugene Onegin. AS Pushkin.

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    "Eugene Onegin" - a novel in verse by Alexander Pushkin, was written in 1823-1831, respectively, one of the most significant works of Russian literature. Based on the novel by P. Tchaikovsky wrote the opera. Also, there are a number of adaptations and novels, and operas, as well as many parodies on some of the novel, or just for its special poetic dimension (so-called. "Onegin stanza"). Novel has been translated into many languages, including Esperanto. Pushkin was working on a novel of more than seven years. The novel was, according to Pushkin, "the fruit of the mind and heart of cold observing a noticeable bitter." Work on it called Pushkin feat - of all his creative legacy only, "Boris Godunov" he described the same word. On the broad background of pictures of Russian life, shows the dramatic fate of the best people aristocratic intelligentsia. The novel begins grumbling speech young nobleman Eugene Onegin, dedicated to his uncle's illness, forcing him to leave St. Petersburg and go to the bier the patient to say goodbye to him. Thus expressing the string, the author devotes the first chapter of a story about the origin, the family life of his hero to the news of illness of a relative. The story is on behalf of an unnamed author who has presented a good friend Onegin. The very image of the author - the narrator, while the "hero" of the novel - a unique way.

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