European History

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    Table of Contents

    1. A Background of European History
    2. The Crises of the Middle Ages
    3. Renaissance Europe
    4. The Age of Exploration and Discovery
    5. Challenges to Spiritual Authority
    6. Religious Wars in Europe
    7. Absolutism in Europe
    8. Scientific Revolution and Enlightenment
    9. Revolution in France
    10. Napoleon Bonaparte and the Rise of Nationalism
    11. Age Of Revolutions
    12. European Imperialism and Nationalism
    13. World War I
    14. Europe: 1918 to 1945
    15. Europe: 1945 to Present

    Key Terms A-Z

    A Background of European History Up to the Middle Ages: Historical Worldview | Fall of the Roman Empire | Barbarians Unite | Romanesque and Gothic Art

    The Middle Ages: Introduction | Papal Power in the Middle Ages | Society in the Middle Ages | Early Middle Ages | High Middle Ages | Late Middle Ages | New Breeds of Art | The Rise of Towns and Commerce | Growth of National Monarchies | The Black Death | Challenges to Spiritual Authority at the End of the Middle Ages

    Renaissance Europe: Introduction | Origins | Social Order and Cultural Change | The Birth of Humanism | Arts | The Prince | Northern Renaissance vs. Southern Renaissance | The New Monarchies | The Rise of Court Life

    The Age of Exploration and Discovery: Introduction | Causes of the Age of Exploration | Portuguese Roles in Early Exploration | Important Portuguese Explorers | Early Spanish Explorers | English Explorers | Dutch Explorers | Results of the Age of Exploration

    Challenges to Spiritual Authority: Introduction | Causes of the Protestant Reformation | Key Persons of the Reformation | Chart of Key Religions | The Counter-Reformation | The Spanish Reconquista of 1492 | Religious Qualms in England

    Religious Wars in Europe: Introduction | Spanish Conflict with the Dutch | The Spanish Armada | The Decline of Spain | The Thirty Years' War

    Absolutism in Europe: Introduction | Louis XIV, Model of Absolutism | The War of Spanish Succession | The Balance of Power in Foreign Policy | The Economics of Mercantilism | The Rise of Prussia 1701 - 1740 | Stuart England 1603-1714 | The Glorious Dutch Republic | Peter Romanov the Great of Russia 1689-1723 | Baroque Art

    Scientific Revolution and Enlightenment: Introduction | An Era of Enlightened Despotism | A War-Torn Europe | Science and Technology | Society and Culture

    Revolution in France: Introduction | Diplomatic Revolution | Neoclassicism | Precursors to the French Revolution | End of a Royal family | Storming of the Bastille | New Governments

    Napoleon Bonaparte and the Rise of Nationalism: Introduction | The Consulate 1799-1804 | The Empire 1804-1814 | The Congress of Vienna 1814-1815 | The Restoration of Louis XVIII Bourbon | A Shift in Foreign Policy | A New Nationalism

    Age Of Revolutions: Introduction | Europe in the Age of Revolutions | Industrial Revolution | Society and Culture

    European Imperialism and Nationalism: Introduction | The States of Europe | International Relations | Science and Technology | Society and Culture

    World War I: Introduction | The War | Science and Technology | Society and Culture | The Russian Revolution

    Europe: 1918 to 1945: Introduction | The Treaty of Versailles of 1919 | Problems of Germany After World War I | German Prosperity Returns | The Rise of Pacifism and Isolation in the 1920s | Democracies in Europe from 1919 through 1939 | Challenges to Democracy in the 1930s | Fascism in Germany and Italy | The Spanish Civil War 1936-1939 | Again to War, the Outbreak of World War II

    Europe: 1945 to Present: Introduction | Western Europe 1945-Present | The European Union | The Soviet Union and Its Fall

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