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    Facegenome book v1

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    A book which is a tool in your hand to understand potential of a person in front of you!!!!

    The creator made every man very unique in his shape, character and skills. But you can guess and predict "he is a potential guy" or "she has the capability to manage this" just by looking at a person's face. This is because creator has certain pattern of face shape for certain skills or characters irrespective of the race. Facegenome put together traditional 'face reading' concepts to help business world and to the general public. Face reading is evolved through thousands of years starting from Aristotle time.

    This is evolved like Yoga. If experienced, many would agree Yoga has wonderful benefits to human health though it is not evolved through scientific research. Since 'Face Reading' too evolved through thousands of years of observation, it is a kind of science. We believe Facegenome helps to identify right people for right job/relationship.

    This book is a handbook. you should be able to check this book when ever you see a person with features mentioned in this book and make some guess about his/her potential.

    'Facegenome- The art of face reading for leaders' in fact DECODE/IDENTIFY/EXPLORE CREATOR'S pattern to un-earth certain very interesting facts.

    This book has around 90 odd pages discuss about how you can predict a person's character by looking at face. Currently all pages are in single screen. User is requested to scroll down to view pages.

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