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    Do you know your family? Do you have the need to learn your family history and get to know your family background?

    In this app, you will learn how to trace your ancestry and find your family by means of genealogy research. Get tips for organizing facts, finding answers and preserving your family tree.

    Extras: Includes a fun puzzle game! Try and piece the picture back together. How fast can YOU finish it?!


    In this modern time where independent living isolates many people from family, it is getting to a point where family members are growing apart from one another.

    Parents, brothers and sisters and other closely-related kin have allowed themselves to go their own separate ways, without much care about keeping in touch and preserving family relationships so that no one knows anymore who family is exactly.

    That is why, for some family groups, a family tree becomes significant. This is especially so to families who have generational wealth, properties or titles to hand down to future generations. These family groups have a need to know their descendants and so they trace back their ancestry and find family members.

    For some people, a family tree is one way to discover their true identity for whatever personal reasons they can find. Perhaps there is a need to know family history due to medical purposes or maybe a family background can help secure a legal claim for some intent.

    Whatever the reasons, genealogy serves a different purpose for many people. Genealogy is an intensive process that can turn into a lifetime activity as it truly involves discovering the history of a particular family by digging up past chronological documents to validate the relationships between people.