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    Da_rk Lov_er(Bl_ack Dag_ger Brothe_rhood, Book 1)
    Da_rk Lov_er is the first book in the Blac_k Dag_ger Broth_erhood series. It tells the sto_ry of Wrath - the last purebred vamp_ire left on the planet. The un-ascended king of the vam_pire species, Wrath lives only to fi_ght in an endless war with the soul_less vampire slayers, Lessers, who brutally murde_red his parents centuries ago. As leader of the Brotherhood, his only solace is in fighting, not look_ing to the past or future, shu_nning his duties as King.

    Wit_hin the vampire world, Wrath is known as the Blind King, due to his extremely poor eyes_ight, though this does not affect his powers on the batt_lefield nor his ability to sense the feeli_ngs of others around him.

    Bla_ming himself for not interv_ening when his parents were slain, Wrath has wrap_ped himself in a cocoon of self-hatred and emot_ional distance, but Da_rk Lov_er tells of his enlivening. When the Lessers kill one of his best fighters, Darius, Wrath is left with the responsib_ility to help the warr_ior’s half-human dau_ghter, Beth, through her transition. It is through Beth that Wrath learns to feel and look toward the fut_ure of his life and of the species as a whole.
    Lov_er Ete_rnal(B_lack Dagg_er Brotherhood, Book 2)
    Lo_ver Awaken_ed (Black Dag_ger Brotherh_ood, Book 3)
    Lo_ver Reveal_ed (Bl_ack Dag_ger Brotherhood, Book 4)
    Lo_ver Unbo_und (Black Dag_ger Brothe_rhood, Book 5)
    Lov_er Ensh_rined (Bla_ck Dagger Broth_erhood, Book 6)
    L_over Ave_nged (Bla_ck Da_gger Brotherhood, Book 7)
    Lo_ver Mine(Bla_ck Dagg_er Brot_herhood, Book 8)
    Lov_er Unle_ashed(Bl_ack Da_gger Brother_hood, Book 9)

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