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    A firesale is a kind of internet marketing technique to promote sales. When used strategically, it can help you gain publicity and profits for your online business.

    This app is a guide on how to start an online firesale. You’ll learn how to use marketing techniques to sell goods at extremely discounted prices that can really deliver deep impact to your bottom line.

    Extras: Includes a fun puzzle game! Try and piece the picture back together. How fast can YOU finish it?!


    A firesale is based on a very simple concept where a product or service is first sold at an extremely low price and then after every few days, the price of the offer is raised. A firesale generally lasts for about seven days and then the offer is terminated forever.

    A firesale is a great selling method as it plays on man’s nature to want things at discounted prices, and targets on the human instinct of want and desire making people yearn for the offer and making them buy it on impulse for the fear of losing out on such a great bargain.

    This app will reveal the fundamentals for an online firesale promotion. The guidelines will teach you how to start your own brand of sale that can promote fast profits and raise massive capital for your bottom line.

    Here are some of the fire sale secrets you will learn:

    • Fire sale basics and step-by-step guide to help you start your own online fire sale
    • The online techniques of the internet’s hottest fire sale marketers and how to use their techniques to ensure your own fire sale will produce massive profits for you
    • The 3 essential features all fire sales must have in order to generate cash products like crazy
    • The two important phases of each fire sale and how to milk maximum profits from each stage
    • 3 unique ways to turn any fire sale into virtual money printing machine
    • And much more….

    Firesales are one of the most popular events happening in Internet marketing today. Don’t you think it makes perfect sense to start one for your business right away so you too can make a lot of money by means of it?

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