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    ^^ Ignite fireworks to celebrate Happiness and prosperity ^^

    Fireworks are celebrated around the world on different occasions.

    It's a great means to display inner happiness among people. People come together and explode tons of fireworks on various happy moments depicting entertainment and religious purposes.

    Different kinds of Fireworks Festivals are celebrated around the world. But when handling fireworks, kids should take utmost care while doing it. Fireworks maker adds different colors to fireworks to make it more interesting.

    This app brings you an overview on Fireworks and illustrates methods to become a fireworks alchemist.

    * What are Fireworks?

    * History or origin of Fireworks.

    * Types of Fireworks?

    * Composition of Fireworks.

    * Different Occasions of Firework Festival celebration.

    * Safety Measures that should be taken while celebrating Fireworks.

    * Some Harmful Effects of Fireworks

    With this Firework app, come and celebrate the festivities of Fireworks. A small and easy to use firework arcade for you & rekindle happiness and prosperity among your loved ones.

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