"Flight" - a play M.Bulgakov

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    The play consists of five activities, 8 dreams. The play is set during the Russian Civil War, when the remnants of the White Army desperately resist the red on the Crimean isthmus. Here are closely intertwined destinies defenseless KORZUKHIN seraphim, abandoned to their fate her husband, himself Korzukhina, Lecturer Golubkov, in love with the Seraphim, the White general Charnota, commander of the front and white cruel Roman Khludov accident, and many other heroes. In the author's life was not raised. Premiere of the play took place in Stalingrad Theatre March 29, 1957. In 1970, the play was filmed directors AA Alov V. Naumov. In 2003, the play was produced at the Theatre of Oleg Tabakov (directed by Helen Nevezhina) [1]. In 2010, the Moscow State Academic Chamber Music Theater Boris Pokrovsky premiere of the opera "Flight", based on your play, the composer Nikolai Sidelnikov [2].

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