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    Florida Criminal Procedure and Corrections (title 47) by Pocket Topics is the only Florida Criminal Procedure and Corrections (title 47) reference software you need on your Android device. Designed for law enforcement personnel, lawyers, paralegals or anyone who needs quick access to the Florida Criminal Procedure and Corrections (title 47). Use in in the patrol car or in the court room. All data is stored on your device so you never need an internet connection.

    - Now with full text searching. Accurate and flexible search engine allows you to find exactly what you are looking for.
    - Does not require an internet connection. All the data is stored locally.
    - Automatic and free lifetime updates to the codes
    - Easily bookmark code sections
    - Install to SD card
    - Compatible with tablets, including the Xoom
    - Share codes via email, text messaging, etc.

    Please do not post comments or problems in the product ratings. We have no way of responding. We respond immediately to messages sent to All issues are taken seriously and are resolved immediately, if possible. Please give us a chance to respond before posting in the product ratings.

    Permissions required:
    1. android.permission.INTERNET - Used strictly to download the initial datafile and to check for updates
    2. android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE - Used to determine if your device is connected to the internet prior to downloading datafile (once)
    3. android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - Used to store the datafile on the SD card
    4. - No more stealing our application. Sorry software pirates!
    5. We also use analytics to retreive non-user specific information. This is used to improve the application and can be disabled in the settings.

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    Please visit out site and tell us how you use our products. We also love feature requests and requests for additional codes.

    Thanks for buying our products!!

    fixed a bug where the bookmark and search button did not work on the detail screen for tablets

    fixed a bug where a search result with only one record caused a force close

    - Compatible with tablets, Xoom included
    - Search now includes full text
    - User Interface completely updated
    - Search results show snippets of the code sections
    - Added "codes in this section" to improve navigation
    - Browse through record set in section detail screen
    - Improved navigation
    - Added Analytics. Can be disabled in settings screen.
    - Fixed several bugs (thanks Billy!! and others)

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