Forbidden Math




    A story from Author Abby Train:

    Forbidden math is a story narrated by Abby, a young teen, during her summer vacation. She develops a budding relationship with her grandmother, who introduces her to the fascinating world of mathematics that has often been forbidden to women. Abby encounters the challenges girls continue to face when venturing into mathematics and learns to adjust the expectations set for her by her family and her peers. This story takes the reader on a journey of mathematics throughout the ages and highlights particularly interesting and important contributions made by women, often at their peril. At the same time, the story follows Abby through a summer of a typical teenage girl, who is exploring the world around her.

    "Forbidden Math is a great mixture of fiction and historic facts about the contributions of women to mathematics. I really enjoyed reading about Abby's search for an understanding of the conflict between her own interests in math and what she perceives as the expectations of her parents and of society. In the book Abby portrays her struggles to follow her keen interest in math and to be accepted by her family and friends. The relationship she has with her grandmother is endearing and sweet, and shows the importance of the role of one encouraging adult in the life of a young person. This is a wonderful book for all girls, to show them that they can follow the lead of strong women in history and pursue their passions. "

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