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    "Hadith Al-Nawawi" is a collection of 42 ahadiths (احادیث) which explain the most fundamental teachings of Islam. "Hadith Al-Nawawi" is one of most important collections of ahadiths (احادیث), just like Hadith Qudsi (حدیث قدسی). We've collected arabic and english language translations of "Hadith Al-Nawawi", to welcome Holy month of Ramadan. For first time, audio of "Hadith Al-Nawawi" is also being added to any android application, which makes this application distinct from other "Hadith Al-Nawawi" applications on play store. So, at this Holy occasion of Ramadan, lets welcome Ramadan and get blessings of Allah by reciting and listening to "Hadith Al-Nawawi" and most importantly following the guidelines of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) and Allah (S.W.T.)
    Distinct Features
    • App has authentic and certified content.
    • With this app you can study "Hadith Al-Nawawi" arabic script as well as its English translation.
    • Listen audio of all Hadith (حدیث) and its translation.
    • Read through the whole Hadith Al-Nawawi like a hard copy
    • Customize app settings according to your liking
    • Share them from the App through email or facebook.
    • Customized design for Android Tablet and phone devices.

    About Hadith al-Nawawi
    Imam al-Nawawi’s collection of 40 Hadiths is one of the most important collections of hadiths we have today. Imam al Nawawi actually compiled a total of 42 hadiths for this collection not 40. Imam al-Nawawi was one of the greatest scholars of Islam, he lived from 631 A.H. to 676 A.H, passing away at the age of 45. Imam al-Nawawi was a scholar in many different disciplines of Islamic studies. The vastness of his works in these different areas is so great that if an individual decides to study fiqh, hadith, spirituality, or Quran; one would need to pass through Imam al- Nawawi. Along with the 40 Hadiths, he authored Riyad al-Saliheen, Al-Adhkar, and commentary of Sahih Muslim and Sahih Bukhari.
    Imam al-Nawawi was one of the foremost figures of the Shafi’ madhab and the largest book and most substantial book he wrote in this regard is called Al Majmua’ which is about 30 volumes. It is a work of comparative fiqh because he brings all the opinions of different madhab’s on different issues together.

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