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    The True Aspect of Jesus, Encountered in a Deep Meditation
    This book is the record of a meditation teacher, Suroso Mun’s real-time interview with Jesus through waves, which are the language of the universe. The author, through long period of meditation training, came to learn wave conversation skill to converse with all the creations in the Universe. As a wave is the basic element of the universe, everything in the universe is shared by it in the same way as the Internet gets connected through WWW (world wide web). Once a person has mastered waves, there is no one with whom one cannot communicate. In this way, the author’s interview with Jesus was possible.

    The author discovers new unveiled truths about mysteries and questions in the Bible regarding his birth, the course of growth, his relationship with Mary Magdalene and death and Resurrection. It gives us surprises since it includes the contents which conflict with our previous conceptions: “Jesus’ real mission was not being a Messiah,” ”A considerable percentage of the bible is false.” In addition, he states his thought about Love, and he also criticizes the role of current religions.
    What was the real idea Jesus wanted to deliver to us? Why did he willingly engage in the interview? Let us listen to the message by Jesus himself newly found through meditation towards the people of these days.

    About the Author

    Suroso Mun is one of the major spiritual teachers of our time. Her students are training through her teachings all around the world. In the middle of the Korean War, she was born after her father died as a refugee on his way from North Korea to South Korea. Though her living was materially poor in the aftermath of the war, she spent an intellectually rich childhood with her three sisters and her mother, a former school teacher.

    After graduating from one of the prestigious universities in Korea, she had developed a very successful career at National Assembly and Red Cross. In her late thirties, at the pinnacle of life, she suddenly threw everything away and started meditation. She became fascinated by Danjeon breathing training which she happened to begin by chance. After a while, she met her teacher-in-spirit and inherited the lineage of Seongye Practice (meditation training). She went on an one-thousand-day abstinence training, eventually meeting the Original Nature, and attaining ultimate Enlightenment.

    When her first book came out in Korea, [The Seongye Way to Enlightenment]: her meditation journal, many who read this book came and asked her to guide them. That’s how she started teaching the training. Since then, the number of the voluntary training group has increased every year, and now it has grown to establish Suseonjae, the Meditation School. It owns global centers in countries such as Korea, the US, China, and South Africa. Suseonjae, the Meditation School, is a meditation complex center, where one can learn different levels of meditation courses from easy and popular meditations up to the level of Enlightenment, and contributes in teaching how to control the mind and develop spirituality of modern people who are passing through a difficult life time.

    She has written several books about spiritual evolution such as “The Art of No Mind,” which suggests how to live freely by managing one’s mind, “Conversations about Seongye Practice for Enlightenment” weaved from her conversations with the students of her Meditation School and “The Seongye Way to Enlightenment” about her courses up until she met the Original Nature through breathing practice.

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