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    How do you manage your life now?
    Even though so many things are happening, you, who live in this tangled and chaotic world, don’t know the reasons of the events.

    “This is my life, but why are things happening against my will and why are the people around me all acting strangely and not listening to me?
    Why was I born like this out of all possibilities?
    Where and with who should I live and what should I do?
    Why is my life full of unknown facts?”
    Then… Wait a moment!

    What if the Earth, which is full of unknown facts, and is so huge and chaotic, is actually a school that is giving a lecture about life?
    What if those difficult situations or people I face every day are in fact subjects to study or tests to take in the school?

    How can I successfully complete my course and enjoy my school life here?
    This book is a textbook and a guide book for a student like you, who arrived in a big school called the planet Earth.

    Let’s carefully listen to the spiritual lectures by Suroso Mun about how to graduate beautifully, enjoyably and fruitfully from your life as the subject of study.
    This book will introduce you to a new life paradigm - that is - the Seon way of living your life.
    Let’s not live our lives out day by day like a wanderer who travels aimlessly in the fog any longer, but a wayfarer with twinkling eyes gazing at the North Star in the clear sky…
    What should love, relationships, the world and our lives be like?
    What is Seongye, which is said to be our original hometown, which we will ultimately return and how can we return to it?

    Let’s learn them one by one reading this book.
    Through reading this book, we hope that you will have the joy of some enlightenment which will brighten your eyes and that by doing so you will lead a life as clear, bright and warm as can be.
    The author of this book has been teaching her students at the meditation school how to complete their study subject, that is “Life“ and to become a seonin - a complete human being - for ten years now. The book is about the conversations she had with her students during lecture times at the meditation school.

    About the Author

    Suroso Mun is one of the major spiritual teachers of our time. Her students are training through her teachings all around the world.

    She was born in the middle of the Korean War. Though her living was materially poor in the aftermath of the war, she spent an intellectually rich childhood with her three sisters and her mother, a former school teacher. After graduating from one of the prestigious universities in Korea, she had developed a very successful career at the Korean National Assembly and Red Cross.
    In her late thirties, at the pinnacle of life, she suddenly stopped everything she
    was doing and got into meditation. She became fascinated by danjeon breathing which she happened to begin by chance. After a while, she met her teacher-in-spirit and inherited the lineage of Seongye Practice (meditation training). She went on a thousand-day abstinence training, eventually meeting the Original Nature, and attaining Ultimate Enlightenment.

    When her first book came out in Korea, The Seon way to Enlightenment, many who read this book asked her to guide them. That’s how she started guiding the training. Since then, the number of people in the voluntary training group has increased every year, and now it has grown to establish Suseonjae, the Meditation School. It has global centers in countries such as Korea, the US, China, and South Africa. Suseonjae is a meditation center where one can learn different levels of meditation courses from easy and popular meditations up to the level of Enlightenment, and it contributes in teaching how to control the mind and develop the spirituality of contemporary people who are passing through a difficult lifetime.

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