Gavriiliada. AS Pushkin

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    Gavriiliada (in some earlier editions, including the first complete Russian, 1918-1922, erroneously Gavriliada) - poem by Pushkin, mock-romantic story played up the Gospel of the Annunciation, the main character - the angel Gabriel. From a Christian point of view, is blasphemous. The poem was written in April 1821 in Chisinau. Autograph of the poem has not reached us. Remained only a plan of some episodes, written by Pushkin in Bessarabia, April 6, 1821. "The Holy Spirit, called Gabriel, who describes him your love and produces a pimp. Gabriel is in love. Satan and Mary. " There are also sketches of the introduction or initiation, usually referred to the idea of ​​"Gavriiliady." Style of the poem - a typical early Pushkin, and many of the poems "Gavriiliady" close to his other poems. For example, as noted by Bruce, lines 329-355 are extremely similar to the poem "Platonic love" (1819) [1], and lines 113-116 - with the poem "Love is - fun life Frost" (1816). As a work of absolutely impermissible for the censorship of the time, some time it was known only in a narrow circle of friends of Pushkin, but since the summer of 1822 began to diverge in the lists. Vyazemsky, sending the December 10, 1822 AI Turgenev significant excerpt from "Gavriiliady" wrote: "Pushkin sent me one of his great prank."

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