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    Genealogy Guide

    Genealogy Guide - Trace Your Family History

    Do you want to know exactly who your ancestors were: where they lived; what they did for a living; whether that story of highwaymen, criminals and corrupt relatives is factual, or a figment of Grandma's over-active imagination?

    Genealogy - defined as 'an account of the descent of a person or family through an ancestral line', Family Tree is a high faluting description of what, to the rest of us, is known simply as 'tracing the family tree'.

    Nostalgia, which has become very popular in recent years, has found a wealth of collectible interests emerging amongst a public ever eager to get their hands on anything connected with the past: old postcards, postage stamps, paper ephemera, 1950s and '60s memorabilia - and family trees! It seems that today we are not content to know just how our ancestors lived - and I mean specific ancestors, namely those whose genes, characteristics and hereditary behavior are the sum result of our very being.

    Today, many of you are eager to trace your own family histories, but you don't know where to start. That's why you need The Genealogy Guide! The Genealogy Guide is like a complete course in tracing family histories. Inside you will learn:
    Where To Begin-Getting Organized

    How To Find Clues In Family Resources

    Your Search Begins-Where To Look And What To Look For

    Putting Your Information Together

    99 Great Online Genealogy Free Resources

    Beginning your journey back in time with the knowledge you need to do it right will make the process easier and more enjoyable. Once you have read The Genealogy Guide you will be able to research your families history like a professional.

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    Buy your copy of The Genealogy Guide today for only 1.97 and get started on tracing your family history, who knows what you may find!

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