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    The free GitaReader gives you a richly annotated version of the Bhagavadgita, one of the most famous texts of India.

    Along with the original Sanskrit text in Devanagari and an English translation, the free GitaReader offers you the following features for the first three chapters of the Gita:

    + Sanskrit text is presented in an interactive interface. Click on a word to get more information about it.
    + Get a full explanation for each Sanskrit word in the text.
    + Get special meanings for most Sanskrit forms. You are not left with a bunch of possible meanings. Instead, you can select from a narrow range of most probable meanings of a word.
    + Sanskrit Sandhi has been resolved. This makes reading Sanskrit a lot easier, especially for the beginner.
    + Find all places in which a word is mentioned in a text with just one click.
    + Bookmark interesting places in the Bhagavadgita and add short notes to them.

    Chapters 4 to 18 contain the Sanskrit text with the English translation.

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